These previously sold purses have not been put here to frustrate you collectors out there, but rather to allow you to look at some of the purses I have had the pleasure of owning/offering in the past.  They are here for you to learn about all the various types of purses that talented and very patient women (and men) made by hand, either on looms, by knitting, or crocheting.  (By the way, all purses were sold for the listed prices)  ENJOY!

Awesome Micro-Beaded Floral with Enameled Jeweled Frame Wow! This purse has it all....large size, magnificent frame, brilliant colors, super generous fringe and a perfect lining too! Unique, artistic floral spray design with great use of color, with a separate floral border along the top that is one inch wide. The chain has faux chrysophrase beads as does the frame, and it is also set with black and white enamel motifs and swans at the top. The inside is taupe moire silk, nice and strong. The only flaw to report is one strand of fringe is missing but it is such lush fringe, it is not readily apparent. Otherwise, absolutely perfect. 7 1/2 by 13 inches!!!   SOLD

Fine Beaded Floral Reticule. Continuous pattern! German made, terrific floral, with lots of varying color shades within each flower and leaf, giving it a very realistic, dimensional look, and the beads in the roses are actually dimensionally beaded! A unique warm gold background and the super nifty cobalt blue scalloped bottom set off the flowers to perfection. There is a cute triangles border at the top. The pattern is different all the way around, so it changes as you turn it. The beadwork is exceptionally tight, giving the bag good strength. Lining is a paisley silk, original and in great shape. Loops and Chains make the drawstring. No flaws to report, perfect. 7 inches wide by 8 1/2 long. A real winner and usable bag! SOLD

Triple Rose, Pearl Bead's a lovely Art Nouveau purse!  The pearl-type bead background sets off to perfection a flowing design of three magnificent red and white with pale pink-lavendar roses accented by green leaves.  The silver nouveau design frame is in wonderful condition, and the chain on this purse is unique too, made of silver cut-out charms, irises and possibly tulips, and at the ends of the chain, larger fleur-di-lis.  The lining is chamois leather and is in mint condition.  There appears to be one fringe missing and one that hangs a tad below the rest, probably could use a quick repair, but as you can see, the fringe is generous and full.  9 1/4 by 6 1/2 inches.  Striking!  Price $425 


Oriental Rug Design Purse.  Here is one that would be a prize in your collection!  Fine beads, large size, 7 1/4 by 9 1/2 inches, including fringe.  The colors on this bag are warm, mellow and terrific:  Terra cotta, turquoise, pale turquoise, olive, taupe, apple green, brown, mauve, pale blue, gold, magenta-rose, purple and deep coral (some variations within these shades too...Beadwork in splendid shape, no damage anywhere.  The fringe has one repaired, shorter loop, but otherwise all there.  The lining is neat too, it is a floral print grosgrain silk, in similar colors, but it has a few tears around the top.  Drawstring style.  (Paint a dowel rod one of the colors and thread it through the loops to hang on the wall--very effective technique for this type of purse)  You can't go wrong here--this one is a beauty.  Price  $550


The Mill House Scenic Early American Reticule, 1830--1860. 5 by 7 inches. A beautiful example of the craftsmanship from this very early period, a heyday for beaders in fine beads. A swan glides peacefully on the inlet by the mill. This side of purse has a few beads missing (under swan), other side has a sizeable, stabilized hole in the green lawn. At the far right on this side beads were missing long ago in the pink edge of house, and a clever steamstress used tiny raised ball stitches to camouflage the missing beads, effectively hiding the damage. Lining recently restored by a professional in dark emerald silk taffeta. No drawstring presently. A honey of a sweet bag! Price: $225


Magnificent, Brilliant Floral...Wow!  This bag is outstanding!  Look at those bright colors and variety of flowers...roses, primarily, with violets and the pink and blue flowers--you tell me!   Large size,10 1/2 inches long, by 8 inches wide.  The front side is perfect, and the other side is near perfect, with just two small areas along the left side where the background beads, which are clear, are missing, but since the meshy fabric backing shows through anyway, the missing beads are hardly noticeable, I only mention it so you know.  No holes, or any other flaws.  There is no sign that any was ever any fringe there.  Lining is gone, but fancy ribbon floral edging remains intact.  This one will make a colorful statement on your wall!  Price $475 


Oriental Rug Pattern, Engaging Shape!  Here's a bag to treasure, because it not only has a terrific pattern and color combination, but it also is made in the most unusual, and visually pleasing shape!!!  A diminutive size, a mere 6 inches long from top of frame to bottom of purse, 8 inches long with tassel, and 4 inches across at the widest point.  Colors are terrific:  bright red, yellow-gold, yellow, apple green, black and turquoise, against a rich cobalt blue background.  Lining is of navy cotton, and in very good condition, and there's a label inside, marked Germany.  No damage or flaws.  A sweet purse!   Price:  $195


Sailboats on Lake Scenic. 6 inches by 7 1/2. A lovely, brilliant and charming scenic design in tiny beads, with houses on the distant shores of the lake and two boats sailing under a violet and turquoise sky , surrounded by a delicate floral motif framing the scene. Bright ivory background. This purse has had a few tiny holes expertly repaired. Same scene other side. Super condition. No lining. 22 colors of beads. 


Charming Little Girl or Doll's Purse. 3 by 4 inches. Early American Reticule with navy and lime background, sporting a cheerful floral band on a pale gray opalescent ground. Two holes have been stabilized, and the lining has been professionally restored with fine pale gray China silk, black silk cord. Terrific color combination. 


Art Deco Paisley Abstract, 6 1/2 by 9, unique undulating embossed brass frame. Soft color palette, one side has cobalt blue, as you see here, on the other side this one color is replaced by a soft grayish blue. All other colors remain the same both sides. Each strand of fringe is a different color echoing the colors in the bag. Excellent condition. 


Petitpoint, 6 1/4 by 7 inches, lovely jeweled frame, unusual background color as the vast majority of petitpoint bags are black, other side's background is a lighter shade of tan, but it's intentional and not faded, all colors bright. Excellent condition. Price: $235 


Blue and Yellow Abstract pattern, 6 3/4 by 10 inches, nice silver plate frame, larger beads generously and lavishly used to be puffy in areas highlighting the design. Several shades of blue, with black and bright yellow. 


Deco Teal Flower Bag, 5 1/2 by 8 inches, larger bead single deco stylized flower in two shades of peach with black outlines, lovely shade of bright teal background, probably Czech origin. Price: $155 


Magnificent Abstract, large bead purse, 7 by 10 inches. Mint condition. Colors are brighter than shown, warm cobalt blue, dark cobalt, pine green, apple green. Full, generous fringe. Grey satin silk lining is completely intact, but starting to go. Price: $220 


A real charmer, this sweet little bag measures 5 by 5 inches, with multicolor pink/salmon/lavender irridescent sparkly beads that glitter beautifully, and is in totally mint condition inside and out. Lining beautiful peach silk with gold braid trim. Frame is high quality brass filigree. Very usable. Price: $180 


Single Rose purse, 6 by 9 inches. This visually striking loomed bag has everything going for it...a fabulous, highly detailed cutout vining roses and leaves, brass frame...Teriffic colors set off by a briliant white bead medallion in the center, and full generouse fringe set off by zig-zagging rad and white accent beads. No lining. Mint condition. 


Peacock Dresden Mesh, by Whiting & Davis. 5 by 6 1/2 inches. Highly collectible, sought after colorful peacock motif, fine link mesh, all fringes intact, no links detached, excellent satin-silk lining (two small lipstick stains inside) Terrific purse! 


Early American Child's Purse, circa 1830--50, fine beads. Different design on both sides. Appears to have never had a brass frame like this shaped bag often had. Beige silk lining tattered. Beadwork mint, except in two different places along edges, one place on each side. 2 3/8" by just under 3 1/2" Price: $58 


Frolicking Deer Purse--6 inches (at top) by 9 inches (without beaded tassel) This brilliantly colored fine beaded scenic/floral bag tells a story and is so cheerful. Are there dogs chasing the doe, or are they her fawns? Village in background, beyond the forest. In excellent condition, the cocoa colored silk lining has been professionally restored. Purse dates from circa 1880 17 different colors of beads. Price: $450 


Diminutive Doll's Purse. 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Brilliant warm turquoise bead bottom, with sawtooth (zigzag) borders and a rose floral band. Pale gray China silk lining was professionally added, as the purse had had none. Black silk cord. Probably had two more beaded loops at bottom, one remains. Otherwise mint condition. Give your doll a special gift, or just display as a tiny, charming beaded work of art. Price: $90 


Pearl Peacock, 5 1/2 by 10, bright, cheerful colors and a lovely pearl finish ivory bead background, suede lining, silver plate frame, great condition except for missing fringe as shown. Price $285 


Roses and Morning Glories, 6 by 10 inches without fringe. A stunning combination of the two beloved flowers, rare to see morning glories on a bag. Impressive size, bright and cheerful, excellent condition. $295 


Purple and Black Diamond Deco bag, marked inside frame, Germany, 6 1/2 by 13 inches. What a pattern and color combination! Striking! Band of warm pink and a thin stripe of cornflower blue and black beads accent the top, and vertically along sides. Blue cotton lining. The ball catch is missing, but it hangs on the wall well, stays closed because the chain is connected to both sides of frame. Price: $195 


Warm emerald green 1930s beaded/crocheted bag, 6 by 7 inches. Emerald green beads are faceted so they sparkle. Completely mint condition, original green satin cord with beaded ball ends. No lining. Very usable (especially around the holidays!) Price: $165 


Fine Beaded Floral bag, Sterling frame with blue and white enameling marked Germany, 7 inches by 9 1/2 inches. A joyous bouquet of multi-colored posies in the center, with two lively bands of mini flowers and buds above and below. Absolutely mint condition, inside and out, 19 different colors of beads, this cheerful bright and superbly executed beaded work of art can be yours to cherish. Price $595 



Here's a huge fine beaded figural/scenic purse that is sure to be the prize of your collection!  This purse measures 9 inches by 12 inches. Each of the people is over 6 inches tall! The vivid colors and details on this bag are superb...look at the use of the shades of pink to indicate the folds and draping in her dress with white lace sleeves, and see his detailed outfit--his waistcoat in shades of lavendar!  She sits pensively, with one hand up to her chin, on a bright blue fancy chair with a matching pad to rest her feet.  He plays a mandalin to serenade her.  The setting  is a tranquil garden.  The story behind this purse is this:  I found this magnificent beaded scene framed in a plain oval wood frame at a show, and knew it had been a purse at one time.  I bought it because it was in perfect condition, and planned to have it made back into a purse.  I figure that the purse may have been an inheritance and being fought over by two people, who decided to cut the two sides apart and frame them, rather than only one of them keeping the purse...My expert vintage seamstress and I designed the pillowy, gathered sides to set off the beadwork to an even higher drama (1 1/4 inch wide gathered ruching), using gorgeous Edwardian vintage irridescent turquoise silk fabric, with which it is also lined, and sewn entirely by hand stitching. NO MACHINE STITCHING. The beadwork is only on one side.  To hang this purse, just insert a thin dowel rod through the drawstring area and it supports the bag  perfectly, and the pink drawstring cord can be used to hang it on the wall.  No, it's not what it once was, but there's no denying that it's a fabulous, beautiful purse once again.  The photo just doesn't do it justice--this bag is very impressive!  You cannot get the scope of the size of this purse until you see it in person! $675  


Outstanding Black and Silver Deco Purse, 7 inches by 9 1/2 inches, absolutely mint condition, except for the silver silk lining, which has started to go. Brilliant, sparkling silver beads in a wildly imaginative deco design juxtaposed against faceted black bead background. Silver embossed frame with two faux sapphires clasp. A winner to use as well as hang on a wall. You'll be happy to know that the fringe was re-done and is sturdy for use. Price: $345



The beauty of this floral pattern, which, by the way is a rare one, will take your breath away.... A dramatic black background and 3 dimensional antique gold filigree purse frame superbly set off the colorful roses in shades of pink, rose and burgundy and forget-me-nots in brilliant blues, abundantly interspersed with multi shades of green leaves.  Rounded bottom with fringe that must have been expertly replaced in slightly larger beads.  A large size, 7 by 10 1/2 inches.  Take a close look at the frame--it's a beauty!  Black background florals are harder to find.  How striking! SOLD  

Scenic Early American Reticule, 1830-1860. This adorable scenic fine beaded purse has so many brilliant colors, and a folk art appeal that is guaranteed to make you smile! A central building, perhaps a schoolhouse, surrounded by other cottages, a church and at the bottom, a large house with two people, a man and a woman on either side. 5 1/2 by 8 inches. Professionally restored lining and header, using vintage turquoise irridescent silk fabric--yummy! Blue and white stripe cording for drawstring. As you'll notice, there are a couple flaws in this ancient purse, one 1/4 inch hole in the treetop on one side, and two small places where beads are missing in the central building on the other side. But still a charmer! Considering the age of this bag, the minor flaws are certainly liveable. Put a small dowel rod through the drawstring pocket and hang it on your wall, or stuff it lightly and lay it on a table, as though a lady were still using it and just put it down....Striking!  Price $425 


Very large Lavendar fine bead Triple Rose purse...6 1/2 by 11 inches, this purse features a rare color for the background--lavendar!   The roses are beautifully executed in red, pink and white, with green leaves.  Across the top is a delicate rosebud border, and at the bottom, there are little dainty designs in pink beads.  Lining was restored sometime recently, (not by me) in pale pink taffeta. No damage of any kind, mint condition.  Circa 1900.  Price: $425


Garnet background Early American Reticule. 5 by 7 inches. Another fine example of the early fine beaded bags, 1830--1860. A rich garnet colored background is home to a bevy of blossoms in turquoise, periwinkle, yellow, gold and white, with deep green and black stems and two shades of green leaves. The irridescent turquoise lining was professionally restored using unused vintage silk. Unique colors and pattern for this era, warm but soft in appearance. Beautiful condition. Price: $265 


Cobalt Blue Swag design drawstring bag, 6 by 8 inches, crocheted, circa 1925--30. Chain drawstring through rings sewn inside header. Purchased at Jill St. John's store, St. John's, in Aspen, Colo. Very usable purse. Price: $130 


An impressive size, this warm-hued floral bag is 8 by 10 inches!  As you can see, a terrific top border in delicate violets rings the bag, beneath it, rich ruby red, and then "icycle" shapes done in four shades of blue, periwinkle blue predominant.  Clear beads set off the roses and violets, a bold, yet dainty design, and then below that, more blues in a nifty pattern, finished off with a generous tassel, using all the colors in the purse.  Fine natural linen lining, in perfect condition.  Purse is in near-mint condition, on the one side, a small row of beads is missing, just about an inch, in the upper blue border.  $495


Ooh la la! RARE!  Egyptian Scenic Deco bag, which, because of the scene depicted, can be verified in date to be made between 1921 and 1925, during the Egyptian motif craze that began in '21 when King Tut's tomb was opened.  Here, a fantastic Pharoah character kneels on a platform, with his striped headress and wing-like cape outspread, while the sun shines down from above!  All the warm Deco colors--cobalt blue, turquoise, rust, orange, gold, green, black, brown and apple green.  Black beads are a bit longer and sparkle like crazy.  Celluloid frame, marked Made In France.  New lining for beaded strap and inside too, with gold braid trim, professionally done.  Absolutely mint condition. Everyone knows how special these Egyptian bags are, especially because they can be dated and are so 'of the period'.  Don't let this one get away.  They don't come 'round too often. 

Oh my goodness!  A totally luscious Deco bag with a "pointed tail" and the most gorgeous fringe I've seen in a long time!  Larger bead 20's bag that must have belonged to a lively flapper!  Imagine this bag going dancing!  Rare colors for this era, most are dark and dreary, but not this one--warm pastels grace this purse, rose, wedgewood blue, pink, icey green, gold and teal.  Enameled and jeweled frame.  One of the bars of the blue enamel had been chipped and paint was added in its place to match, so it doesn't appear as though any enamel is missing.  Rhinestones inside the white enamel flowers are hot pink.  Frame is plain on the other side.  Mint condition on the outside, lining is shredded.  6 inches by 11 inches.  One of the best Deco bags I have ever seen in 20 years collecting! 

Look at the robin's egg blue background on this tiny bead wonder!  What a rare and terrific background color! This bag is totally mint, all fine fringe intact, brilliant and cheerful color combination. No lining, never had one.  This bag was part of a group of purses from Germany, brought over by the mother of the lady we got them from, and none of them were ever used, just put away for all these decades.  7 by 9 1/2. Fantastic!  SOLD  

The largest of the purses within the group of the German lady mentioned above, this one is 8 1/2 wide by 10 1/2 long.  Wow!  How about those cheery turquoise and gold stripes, setting off an oval motif of flowers, including morning glories--a rare flower in beaded purses.  Evidence it once had an ivory silk lining.  Two loops of fringe missing and it looks like one hangs a little low.  Otherwise mint throughout the body.  This one will really catch the eye!  SOLD


A Design much more common to mesh bags, this truly Deco geometric design French steel beaded purse is stunningly executed in vivid pink, bright, shiny silver and black.  A lovely and rare color combination!   5 by 6 1/2 inches.  It glistens in a truly beautiful manner, and would make quite a statement on your wall, and would be wonderful to use as well.  All beadwork perfect, lining perfect, no damage at all.  Both sides equally bright and vivid.  SOLD


This is a very vibrant colored Art Nouveau design, with truly great blue, royal purple, hot pink, a little light pink, nvay, tangerine orange, lime green, Grecian Gold, 14K Gold, Rose Gold and Bronze, plus pearly Silver background. Isn't this a pretty pattern? Florals and filigree swirls... I love the way the border pattern on the top sets off the rest of the dramatic design.

The frame is to die for! It is heavily filigreed and with large jewels! Large 1/2 inch ruby red square jewels on the corners and 1/4 inch sapphire blue and emerald green round jewels, and the clasp has two emerald green rhinestones. You know how rare it is for steel beaded bags to have jeweled frames! This frame is the SAME ON BOTH SIDES...It's not possible to tell I am photographing BOTH sides, because the steel beads are as bright and vivid on both sides--usually there is one bright side and one dull side with steel, not so here...both like new, MINT condition. Colors are VIVID and jeweled frame both sides, so completely reversible for display.

There is no flaw to report in the beadwork, and no missing fringes. All original. The lining is very good, but there are one or two splits.

I would rate this purse MINT condition. It measures a generous 6 1/4 by 11 inches.

It is one of my very favorites from my 28 year collection, for all the reasons mentioned above...for its bright colors and the fabulous Nouveau pattern, the frame and the super fine condition. One of the very best French Steel Purses you will ever find! SOLD


Wow! This is dramatic! Check out the LOOONNG Fringe! Strands are 5 inches each! I love the supremely Deco geometric design of this purse. If you will notice how it was cleverly executed, you will see that the colored beads (deep cobalt, green, turquoise, red, pink, citrine and unique yellow opaque beads) are rounded in shape, and the design is outlined in black faceted beads, so they sparkle, and this really sets off the design superbly, when hanging it is almost as though the design comes out at you in a 3D way!!! The French Celluloid (marked Made in France) Frame is exquisite! It has a lot of original color applied to it and has a delightful pattern, on BOTH Sides! Note the scallop shape bottom and the fringe has a color pattern to it, no fringes missing, all there. Even the deep cobalt beaded strap is in great shape. This purse is HUGE, 7 1/2 inches wide and nearly 14 1/2 inches long! The lining looks like it might have been replaced, but maybe not, perfect black satin and black corded trim. NO flaws, PERFECT condition throughout. A real Deco gem to add to your collection. SOLD


 Another great Deco purse to use!  Brilliantly sparkling circlets (45 on each side) of steel beads decorate this sumptuous shade of coral/tangerine silk velvet.  A super combination!  All fringe is intact and beads grace the top edge too.  Original chain handles.  Lining is original and in excellent condition.  There is a stain on one side of the purse.  Otherwise clean and fresh looking.  Measures 5 by 7 1/2. SOLD


 I love this purse!  Such a darling bag, and usable too!  A rich shade of seafoam green in silk velvet, very yummy!  Steel beads --all bright and shiny, no rust at all-- grace this purse in a very pleasing design, with evenly scattered glittering stars that have larger steel cut stones in the centers, and a draping swag border of beads beneath, also at the top. All fringe intact and original lining in great shape!  There is a hint of fading on one side and one small stain on the other side.  Otherwise superb condition.  Chain handles, original.  Measures 6 by 8 inches. SOLD


 This sweet bag is from the 1930’s, and has a wreath of Roses in shades of pink/magenta against a black background, with green leaves and purple and black diamond design in the middle.  The bag measures 6 1/2 by 7 inches, and has a gunmetal frame.  The purse is perfect, no flaws to report, no missing beads, no problems.  Lining is also very nice and clean, original.  The chain looks to be an older replacement, with mellow gold and black woven chains--this is not new, and upon closer examination, I almost think it is original.  A charming design and very usable purse. SOLD


A terrific find, especially for you Renaissance Faire folks!  In queenly style, this black velvet purse boasts a medieval style heavy frame with pretty designs coming in from the sides and a great 'pull charm'.  The velvet is still clean and fresh, and SOFT and only has one small 1/8 inch hole to make it non-perfect, otherwise excellent!    A unique push-button clasp releases the frame to open, and inside is the original purple sateen lining, with some age wear, but mostly good.  The heavy chain, original to the purse meets up to the motif that matches the frame designs, the back of which is a waist hook.  All in all, a wonderful medieval style, ready to grace your costume!  From top of hook to bottom of body it measures 14 inches and is 5 inches wide at the widest.  There is a little greening on one side of the top of the frame, which can be removed with 4-zero steel wool, I'll leave that to you.  You will LOVE this purse, especially if you are a Renaissance re-enactor.  SOLD

Deco Scenic Purse.

This late 1920's or early 1930's purse is a winner, with its brass frame, sparkling metallic gunmetal bead background and center cartouche depicting a castle in the mountains. Florals border the center in apple green and dark red, also some turquoise blue flowers at the bottom. All fringe intact. Lining is original, 80%. 7 by 10 inches. SOLD


Another of these wonderful Deco favorites, this purse is done in a rich warm red.  It has a silver tone frame with a fine curlique design on both sides, and top edges in beautiful condition.  All beads present, none missing, all fringe intact.  I see one stitch needs to be put to re-attach bag to frame on one spot on one side, near hinge, otherwise, even the taupe original lining is perfect too.   No flaws to report.  I've owned this purse for about 20 years.  Measures 4 3/4 by 8 3/4, without chain.  Original chain.  A wonderful Deco purse! SOLD


This is a lovely and very useable purse.  It has a lot of colors and they are mostly in the muted tones of autumn.  The frame is enameled (in great shape) and it has five tiny jewels set into it at the clasp, 2 each pale beige-gold and olive with a pearl in the middle.  The clasp has a very pretty cone shaped black glass jewel on top.  Lining is not in great shape, but present.  The outside is in perfect condition, no stains, no damage of any kind. Sold


This is a unique color combination and a winner for those many ladies who like to wear neutral hues, as I have met many women expressing that preference.  This purse is done in many shades of taupe, with deep brown and soft pastels in the floral motif.  It is in superb, mint condition in every way, no soiling, no stains, no problems of any sort.  The lining is perfect too.  The frame is also pretty.  Measures 7 inches wide by 5 1/2 long. SOLD

Micro-Beaded Persian Rug Design. Here is an opulent and very graphic design, with a center circular motif. Notice in the close-up that glistening gold beads are used to set off this section. Fine, micro beads in a great combination of colors on an off-white background, and a border of two shades of green, yellow and black finish off the striking look. The frame looks like sterling, and I am 98% sure it is, but haven't found a mark. This purse also has a lining to die for, which was probably redone at some point, as it has a professional label 1950's style, French Bag Shop New York, inside. The lining is that rich pink satin and has pockets in which a coin purse and plastic comb reside. It is my belief that the owner of this lovely heirloom bag wanted to use it and since the lining was old and maybe worn, they paid to have it relined by experts. Which is also why the sterling mark is not visible, probably covered. Generous size 8 by 8 1/2. Sold


These are so useable and desirable.  This purse is in excellent condition.  It has a two-tone color, and a great shape to it.  It features a motif in center with Wisteria and the vines trail down two vertical stripes, very Deco.  The hammered brass frame is attractive with a great big pull charm and big oval latch at top.   It has the nice feature of Art Nouveau whiplash curves where the strap ends attach. The stitching all around is great, with only 3 very tiny interruptions as shown in photo, hardly noticeable.  Strap is MINT and that is really unusual!  Turn lock works perfectly.  Inside is very clean.

Tip:  A number of ladies are doing a custom modification to this style of purse because of wanting to have a shoulder bag, rather than a short carry strap.  They take the strap off, add a suitable chain to match the frame to each side of the purse, sometimes adding wooden beads or coordinating glass beads at either end, and then adding back the original leather strap to the top, for over-the-shoulder comfort and the overall effect of this is very cool!  Making the purse more practical for today's style.

Measures 6 1/2 wide, 6 1/4 long.  I love the curved and squatty shape!  I have conditioned the leather with the world's best leather products, not because it needed it, but because it deserved it, and I do this with all my antique leather items.  It's got a beautiful protective patina and sheen.  And it smells nice too! SOLD

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